Outing forms reminder and clarifications

Just a gentle reminder that the outing form for the dentist outing is due to be sent in tomorrow.  For this outing, it is very important that the consent form is filled in as well.  Children not having a signed consent form will not be able to be seen by the dentist.

Also a clarification re the parent and child swimming outing.  Just to summarise Ms Karen’s information re payment, you do not need to send in money for the children’s transport, food and swimming session as this should be covered by the lump sum paid at the beginning of the year.  If a parent will be attending, you will then need to pay for the transport and food (the food is optional) and you need to send in the payment with the completed form.  Payment will need to be as follows:

Parent – transport only (not eating) = Euro 2

Parent – transport, food and water = Euro 6

Parent – transport food and juice = Euro 6.50

I hope that this helps.  It is important that we get the food orders for both children and adults by the deadline set in Ms Karen’s letter (14th June) as the catering establishment prepares the food just in time for our arrival.