Last Friday was the last day that I sent out the library books except for one group of 5 children.  All the children in the class except of these 5 have had 4 reading books sent home for the children to read.  The other 5 have read only 3 and I will be sending out one other book for them this Friday to be returned by the following Tuesday.  No other books will be sent out.


Workbooks sent home

Today I sent home more workbooks and craft items to be kept at home.  I still have quite a bit to send back and it would really help me if each time that I send items back, you would return to red folder to be refilled.

Thanks for your help.

Swimming outing

Please note that the deadline for handing in the forms for the swimming outing was today.   Could those people who have not sent in the forms please do so by tomorrow at the latest as Ms Karen needs to send in the order for the food?

Just a reminder that amounts due are:

  1. Euro 2 if a parent is attending but not ordering any food.
  2. Euro 6 if a parent is attending and ordering pizza/wrap and water
  3. Euro 6.50 if a parent is attending and ordering pizza/wrap and juice


Our visit to the dentist

Image result for going to the dentist roderick hunt

Preparations for the visit to the dentist started off the day before the outing.  I read out the book “Going to the Dentist” by Roderick Hunt.  This helped me explain to the children what would be happening at the dentist the following day.

The day started off with a short wait for the coach to arrive and getting stuck in lots of traffic so that by the time we got to the dentist the children were about to burst with anticipation.  Never have I seen such enthusiasm for a visit to the dentist.  The children were divided into two groups and seen by two different dentists and the children in my group were all crowding round the dentist and trying to see in each other’s mouths.  There were some children who were a bit apprehensive but nearly all made it into the dentist’s chair.  Apart from checking the children’s teeth, the dentists also showed the children how to clean their teeth.  They also gave the children a toothbrush and a note giving the outcome of the check up which we will sending home today.

After the visit to the dentist we stopped at the park in Tigne for the children to eat their lunches and play a little bit.  It was quite hot and we kept on giving the children water breaks and “shade breaks” in which we told them to sit in the shade, cool off and shelter from the sun before going off the play a bit more.

I would like to thank you for your patience as you waiting for the children to return to school due to the fact that we were caught up once again in terrible traffic.  Thanks also for your help to ensure that all the children were safely handed over to their respective parents.

Here are some photos:

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