Year end fun and water games

Are your children sleeping?  They were exhausted by the end of the day.  I was too but we had such good fun together.  The children arrived at school, all excited and happy, constantly asking me when it was going to be time to go out and swim.  They spent the first half of the day playing in class, eating and getting ready to go out.

Once outdoors, the children spent an hour playing water games, rested a bit, then played in the pool and finally had an ice cream. I am attaching some photos below.  I’m afraid that there are no photos of the children in the pool as I was in the pool with them enjoying myself playing with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

I hope that I managed to sent back all the items that you sent in (apart from the couple of items that I am already aware of!!).  Please check your bags and let me know if anything is missing.  Should you have something that belongs to someone else, please return it tomorrow.  We tried very hard to keep everything organised but there were so many bags and items in class and so many things that we had to take out with us, that it is possible that some things got misplaced.



5 thoughts on “Year end fun and water games

  1. Thanks for sharing once again, TJ was so exited this morning he woke up at 6.30 am …….that’s why we came on time to school 🙂 ……..yes he is already sleeping ……. Thanks again for being so living with our kids and organised and of course such a good teacher ….. God Bless You x


  2. Faye was flat out for a snooze the moment we reached the car after pick up. (she slept in her car seat). she never stopped talking about how much fun she had and how much she enjoyed her ice cream. In fact we had to repeat the ice cream part again after dinner… Thank you for the fun filled day! makes me wish i can turn back to being 5 again!


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