Parents’ day

I look forward to meeting all parents tomorrow to discuss your child’s progress.  I have been allotted the Peter Pan room in which to conduct the sessions with you.  Ten minutes are allocated to each set of parents and I ask you to kindly help me keep to the this limit so that other parents will not need to wait longer than necessary.

There are a few parents who have not returned library books and other who have not paid the amounts due for the party and for the third term workbooks. Could you please ensure that all library books are returned and amounts settled by tomorrow?  Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Parents’ day

  1. The Peter Pan room is next to the gate in the corridor that leads to the Flutterby area – next to the outdoor area and opposite the classroom that was mine last year.


  2. I will have to pass by Ms Karen’s office to settle the final amount as the envelope remained in Faye’s bag and i forgot to pass on to you during parents day! sorry about that.


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