Record broken – thank you :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who participated in all or part of today’s events.  Thank you also to those who were unable to be there but still showed their support by sending in the children appropriately dressed and encouraged us with their good wishes.

This event was organised to commemorate 1 year from the death of Mrs Marie Midolo, the previous School Principal who was instrumental in making this school community a vibrant and caring one.

Here are some photos:

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Come and join us on the 18th May 2017

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The 18th May is a special day for our School. It marks the passing away, last year, of Mrs. Marie Midolo, former Principal of St. Catherine’s High School. To commemorate this day, we are thinking of organising a number of activities for the students and their parents :
1. A Mass (for parents and students) on our Turf Ground (standing) for the Jun 2-Senior 4 students (and any parents who would like to attend even if from Flutterby or the Pre Junior or Junior 1) at 8:15 am;
2. The breaking of another Guinness World Record  at 9 am (ALL parents, relatives and students are invited for this event) on our Outdoor Grounds;
3. Our Open Day this year will take the format of participation in World Outdoor Classroom Day (to be celebrated coincidentally on the 18th May) and for this all parents will be invited to join the class of their child on the day for some outdoor and indoor learning and fun.
Regarding the Guinness World Record event,we will attempt to break the current record of 748 persons dressed as sunflowers.

We have specific guidelines we need to use for the sunflowers:
1. all participants must wear green clothing e.g.. green trousers or tights and a green top/jumper;
2. a headdress must be worn around the face or on the hand. The headdress must have large yellow petals on a brown band/cord to represent the sunflower head.
3. participants may also paint their faces yellow/brown but this is not a requirement.
We will be helping you by preparing the flower headband at school, so you would only need to find green items of clothing for your children.
I hope that you will be able to join us.