Year end fun and water games

Are your children sleeping?  They were exhausted by the end of the day.  I was too but we had such good fun together.  The children arrived at school, all excited and happy, constantly asking me when it was going to be time to go out and swim.  They spent the first half of the day playing in class, eating and getting ready to go out.

Once outdoors, the children spent an hour playing water games, rested a bit, then played in the pool and finally had an ice cream. I am attaching some photos below.  I’m afraid that there are no photos of the children in the pool as I was in the pool with them enjoying myself playing with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

I hope that I managed to sent back all the items that you sent in (apart from the couple of items that I am already aware of!!).  Please check your bags and let me know if anything is missing.  Should you have something that belongs to someone else, please return it tomorrow.  We tried very hard to keep everything organised but there were so many bags and items in class and so many things that we had to take out with us, that it is possible that some things got misplaced.


Our visit to the dentist

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Preparations for the visit to the dentist started off the day before the outing.  I read out the book “Going to the Dentist” by Roderick Hunt.  This helped me explain to the children what would be happening at the dentist the following day.

The day started off with a short wait for the coach to arrive and getting stuck in lots of traffic so that by the time we got to the dentist the children were about to burst with anticipation.  Never have I seen such enthusiasm for a visit to the dentist.  The children were divided into two groups and seen by two different dentists and the children in my group were all crowding round the dentist and trying to see in each other’s mouths.  There were some children who were a bit apprehensive but nearly all made it into the dentist’s chair.  Apart from checking the children’s teeth, the dentists also showed the children how to clean their teeth.  They also gave the children a toothbrush and a note giving the outcome of the check up which we will sending home today.

After the visit to the dentist we stopped at the park in Tigne for the children to eat their lunches and play a little bit.  It was quite hot and we kept on giving the children water breaks and “shade breaks” in which we told them to sit in the shade, cool off and shelter from the sun before going off the play a bit more.

I would like to thank you for your patience as you waiting for the children to return to school due to the fact that we were caught up once again in terrible traffic.  Thanks also for your help to ensure that all the children were safely handed over to their respective parents.

Here are some photos:

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Vets in class

It is surprising how much fun children can have with improvised toys.  A soft toy, “bandage” strips cut off an old t shirt, a home made stethoscope, old medicine spoons, cups from the toy kitchen and plastic tweezers.  They kept the children occupied for a long time!

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Sports day

Thank you very much to all the parents who made the time to join us today.  Your presence meant a lot to your children.  They were very excited that you were there to watch and participate with us.

Here are a few photos that I managed to take of the children.  I have quite a few photos of the parents’ races and activity as well but I wanted to ask for your consent before posting them on the blog.  So, if anyone has any reservations about having their photo on the blog, please let me know by sending me an e mail.  If not, I’ll upload the photos tomorrow.

Record broken – thank you :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who participated in all or part of today’s events.  Thank you also to those who were unable to be there but still showed their support by sending in the children appropriately dressed and encouraged us with their good wishes.

This event was organised to commemorate 1 year from the death of Mrs Marie Midolo, the previous School Principal who was instrumental in making this school community a vibrant and caring one.

Here are some photos:

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Outing to Esplora

Today was a feast for all the senses.  Our visit to the science museum was one in which the children were allowed to explore all exhibits freely and explore different textures, sounds and visual effects.  There were all sorts of puzzles that the children could rack their brains to solve, buttons to push and wheels to turn.  Here are some photos:

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