Change of uniform – interim provision

Att: Parents of Flutterby Child Care Centre & Pre-Junior Classes

 Change of Uniform

(Interim Provision)


Dear Parents,

Please note that since the weather is getting warmer but still unsettled, we thought of creating an interim uniform provision starting from Tuesday 2nd May until further notice.

All the Flutterby and the Pre-Junior students are to start wearing the summer polo short-sleeved orange top and navy blue cardigan (with Flutterby logo) instead of the orange winter track-suit top until we decide to change completely into the summer uniform. With regards to the trousers, the children are still expected to wear the winter navy blue track-suit trousers.

I thank you in advance for your kind attention and co-operation.

Kind regards,

Karen Galea

Early School Years Director


Junior 6 Entrepreneurship Event

Please be informed of the sale of hand painted Christmas baubles by the J6 entrepreneurship students.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please put the money in an envelope and hand it directly to me as it is better for Pre-Junior students not to have money in their bags.

The Junior 6 students ,who are in the Christmas Baubles Team, would like to inform all fellow students that on Tuesday 29th November they will be selling their hand painted Christmas Baubles for 2.50 euro each.

Kindly visit their stall outside the canteen during the 2nd Break and buy a bauble for your Christmas Tree.

Ms Cauchi and Junior 6 students

Multi Activity Marathon 2016

The multi activity marathon this year will take place on Monday 14th November.

The school prides itself with working to create a social conscience among students by encouraging them to help those in need in the hope that when they are adults they will continue to be sensitive to the needs of the society in which they live and of the worldwide community.  The Multi Activity Marathon is one event that works towards this end.  Pre-junior children are still young but we still find a way of explaining in simple terms the fact that they are using their energy to collect money for people who are sick or poorer than we are. Tomorrow, I will be explaining this to the children and sending out the sponsorship  forms and covering letter (so please, if you can, send back the red folder whether or not you are returning the concert forms).

This year’s marathon has been called the “Giving it my all 2016 challenge”.  Funds will be donated to 4 charities/NGOs – The Marigold Foundation, ALS Malta, SOS Malta and the Marie Midolo foundation.  I am attaching a short presentation explaining the work undertaken by each organisation.  I trust that you will do your utmost to help your children gather donations for these worthy causes.


Next Monday, we will be walking to the park near the church in Pembroke where we will be having a storytelling session, a scavenger hunt, some time to play and a picnic.  The we will walk back to school – and this is the bit where the children normally earn their sponsorship as they find walking back to school much harder as they would be tired from all the activities they would have participated in at the park.  They do not carry their lunch with them to the park as these are normally taken down in the cars of the Ms Karens.  However, it would help us if all lunch items including their bottle are packed in one bag.

Wear it Pink – Wednesday 26th October

Image result for pink october logo

On Wednesday 26th October we will be joining the Pink October campaign to help raise awareness about breast cancer.  As such on that day, students can  come to school wearing a  pink accessory in solidarity with all those who are suffering from Breast Cancer, have survived it or who have passed to the other side.

As part of my contribution to this campaign I would like to post a reminder that millions of people have survived this disease, in part due to early detection and would therefore like to remind all of the importance of doing regular breast self examinations.

Animal awareness week

Image result for pets clipart

Next week is animal awareness week.  Our topic for that week will be animals and all our activities will be centered around animals and pets.  The main event that week will be animal awareness day on Wednesday 19th October and on that day, the children’s pets are invited to join us at school between 8 and 10 am (accompanied by an adult).  You should have received a letter from Ms Georgina with a form to fill in if you would like to bring your pet along.  You may also bring your pet to class at an allotted time between 8.15 and 9am – you will need to inform me and Ms Georgina that you would like to do so.  I do encourage those of you to have pets join us at school as it is a lovely occasion and the children really enjoy having their pets with them.

Some other things:

  1. As part of animal awareness week activities we also collect donations of pet food that we then donate to pet sanctuaries and NGOs.  If you would like to make a donation, please do so in the form of tinned pet food.
  2. On Wednesday, children are allowed to come to school in casual clothes but we would like them to wear something purple to support the Purple for Paws cause.
  3. On Wednesday, we will be also having a pet themed cooking activity.  I will be sending the children’s notebook home with further details tomorrow.