Tomorrow’s big day :) :)

I look forward to meeting everybody at the graduation tomorrow.  The children seem prepared and ready to move on to Junior 1 and in tomorrow’s ceremony will celebrate all their achievements during the year.

Just  a few notices (as usual!!)

  1. The graduation ceremony starts at 8.30am.  Parents are requested to be seated by 8.20am.
  2. The children are to be in class by 8am sharp, as usual.  Parents can leave the items required for swimming in class.
  3. Children are to come to school with their swim suits underneath their uniform.
  4. There will be time for the children to have  a quick breakfast snack before coming down for the graduation ceremony.
  5. After the graduation ceremony, we will return to class until our coach collects us at 10am.  The children can snack again while waiting if they want to do so.  We would like to request your help and ask you to please help up by carrying up 1 chair with you from the hall to the class (one per child) as all our classroom chairs will be down in the hall.
  6. For the swimming activity, you need to bring with you – 

    a towel, beach shoes, a swimming cap (if you have one), underwear, armbands (NOT inflated as these will only be required if the instructor decides they are necessary) and the toiletries required to take a shower afterwards.

Party and books for term 3

Ms Karen has asked me to post information about the cost of the party and workbooks for term 3.

The party will be held next Friday 23rd June which is the last day of school for the term.  School hours are the same as usual.   Ms Karen is asking you to contribute €6 towards party expenses.  This will include food and an ice cream, some time on a bouncy castle and entertainment in the form of a puppet show and balloon modelling.  You will not need to send in any food in for the children that day.  They will only need their bottle of water to be able to have easy access to water throughout the day.

We have used 4 workbooks during term 3.  The cost of these workbooks is €3.

I will be collecting  both amounts myself and passing them on to Ms Karen.  You can put them in the children’s notebook folder, as usual.

Arm bands

Just a quick note as I have got a few queries on the matter … tomorrow, all the children will be required to wear arm bands even if they can swim without them.  Please send them in ready blown up.

Thank you for your collaboration

Our visit to the dentist

Image result for going to the dentist roderick hunt

Preparations for the visit to the dentist started off the day before the outing.  I read out the book “Going to the Dentist” by Roderick Hunt.  This helped me explain to the children what would be happening at the dentist the following day.

The day started off with a short wait for the coach to arrive and getting stuck in lots of traffic so that by the time we got to the dentist the children were about to burst with anticipation.  Never have I seen such enthusiasm for a visit to the dentist.  The children were divided into two groups and seen by two different dentists and the children in my group were all crowding round the dentist and trying to see in each other’s mouths.  There were some children who were a bit apprehensive but nearly all made it into the dentist’s chair.  Apart from checking the children’s teeth, the dentists also showed the children how to clean their teeth.  They also gave the children a toothbrush and a note giving the outcome of the check up which we will sending home today.

After the visit to the dentist we stopped at the park in Tigne for the children to eat their lunches and play a little bit.  It was quite hot and we kept on giving the children water breaks and “shade breaks” in which we told them to sit in the shade, cool off and shelter from the sun before going off the play a bit more.

I would like to thank you for your patience as you waiting for the children to return to school due to the fact that we were caught up once again in terrible traffic.  Thanks also for your help to ensure that all the children were safely handed over to their respective parents.

Here are some photos:

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Bottles of water

Due to the heat, we are using up our water supplies fast.  Could I ask you all to send in one large bottle of water once again?  Hopefully, this last lot will last us until the end of the year.  Thank you.

Library books

Today I have put the library book that you purchased at the end of last term in your child’s folder.  Could you please cover it and send it back in so that I will have time to read the books with the children in small groups before starting the book rotation on Friday next week?  Please do not read the book with your child as yet as we have not done the background work that they need to read them.

Thank you for your co-operation.

“My Journey in Pre-Junior”

Image result for You are a star students clipartsImage result for You are a star students cliparts

Yesterday you should have found an envelope in your child’s folder containing a envelope with a document called “My Journey in Pre-Junior”.  This document relates the journey of your child so far in Pre-Junior noting his or her strengths and pin pointing one or two areas in which we are trying to help your child to grow.

As I wrote these reports, I became aware of how much each and every child has grown since the beginning of the year.  I hope that you will join me in celebrating their strengths and achievements.

(Yesterday, we put the folder in the bag with the crafts and cushion.  If you did not send a folder in, you will find the envelope in your child’s bag.)

Aprons and cushions

Today I sent the children’s aprons home.  Tomorrow I will bring sending their cushions.  Could you please wash them and return them at the beginning of next term.

I have returned all the workbooks used in term 1 for most of the children.  I still have one term 1 workbook of a few children at school as they still have a few pages to complete.  I will try to find the time to get the children to complete them tomorrow. If I don’the manage, I will returun them at the beginning of next term.  Please return the red folder so that I will be able to continue to send back workbooks next term.